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Although usually associated with the Wehrmacht’s feared ‘Lightning War’ attacks at the beginning of WWII, the Ju87B Stuka was also a highly effective maritime strike bomber. Capable of performing precision dive bombing attacks against any Allied vessel, the Stuka took a heavy toll of shipping in the English Channel, North Africa and in the Mediterranean. The Stuka also saw service with the air forces of Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as remaining in Luftwaffe service throughout WWII.

The attack dive of the Stuka was so severe, that quite a number of automatic features had to be incorporated into the manoeuvre. At an altitude of approximately 15,000 ft., the pilot would locate his target through a bombsight window, which was located in the floor of the cockpit. His engine and propeller had automatic controls, to optimise the aircraft when in a dive, and an automatic trimmer would make the aircraft tail heavy, as the pilot initiated the dive. He would move the dive lever to the rear, which would limit the ‘kick’ of the control column and quickly begin a defined sequence of actions, which if done correctly, would see his ordnance detonate on his intended target. He quickly set the trim tabs, reduced the throttle and closed the engine coolant flaps. The aircraft would automatically become tail heavy and pitch over in a 180-degree roll, placing the aircraft in a steep nose-down dive – at the same time, dive breaks were automatically deployed, to reduce the speed of the dive, to a constant 360 mph. This was the point of no return – the attack sequence had begun.

As the strain on the body of the pilot increased, he still had much work to do. The angle of his dive could be checked by looking at a series of red lines on the side of his cockpit window and lining them up against the horizon – 60, 75, or 80 degree angle of attack. He would then look forward through the fixed gun sight, to line up his attack, before releasing his heavy main bomb - the optimum release height was indicated to the pilot, by a light flicking on in his altimeter. The bomb was carried on a large U-shaped cradle, which would swing down on release, throwing the bomb safely clear of the large propeller and on to the target. As all this action was taking place, the pilot would have certainly had at least a couple of reassuring glances at the red pins protruding up from the top of the wings, which informed him that the automatic dive recovery system was engaged, should he fall victim to a g-induced black-out. All this would have been taking place in just a matter of a few, frantic seconds!

Once the bombs had left the aircraft, it automatically began its dive recovery sequence. This was the point at which the maximum g loading on the crew would be felt and forces in excess of six times the force of gravity were regularly experienced, which could result in vision impairment at the very least. Once recovered and the nose of the aircraft was above the horizon, the dive breaks were automatically retracted, the throttle was opened and the propeller was set to climb – the pilot then quickly had to manually open the coolant flaps, to prevent the engine from overheating and then resume flying the aircraft. This was the point that the Stuka was at its most vulnerable, flying at low level, at relatively slow speed and in hostile territory. His rear gunner may still be blacked out and indeed the pilot might still be feeling a little light headed, but every anti-aircraft gun, rifle and enemy fighter in the vicinity would be taking pot-shots at them, from every angle.

Airfix A07115 Junkers JU87B-2/R-2 Model

Explore Grand County

Granby, Grand Lake, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, and Winter Park/Fraser make up Grand County, Colorado. Boasting a variety of activities, attractions, shopping, dining, and lodging possibilities, Grand County invites you to explore the real Colorado.

Choose a season:

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Miles of ATV and OHV trails that make Kremmling the "Motorsport Capital of Grand County." The Colorado River and the Blue River offer Gold Medal water for fishing, as well as ideal rapids to set out on river rafting or kayaking adventures.

Kremmling is known as a "Sportsman's Paradise" for good reason. The Kremmling region has some of the best deer and elk hunting in Colorado with awe-inspiring backdrops. The Colorado Scenic Byway offers impressive views of the Fall landscape.

During the winter, Kremmling boasts exceptional ice fishing on Wolford and Williams Fork Reservoirs. Explore vast snowy landscape by snowmobile, fat bike or snowshoe.

Explore Kremmling

Top Activities In Kremmling

Rafting & kayaking
Ice Fishing

#goGrand in Kremmling

Grand Lake

Grand Lake offers year-round recreation for all ages, from family-friendly fun to exhilarating outdoor adventures. In the summer, hike, bike, or ATV through unspoiled terrain or boat, sail, or fish on Grand Lake, home to one of the oldest yacht clubs in the West.

The lakeside scenery, with breathtaking views, is surrounded by abundant wildlife and sprawling greenery. Play a round of golf amid the gorgeous alpine landscape, or go horseback riding to experience the natural beauty of Grand Lake from an enchanting perspective.

In the winter, Grand Lake is known as the "Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado," Grand Lake transforms into a winter wonderland with miles and miles of trails for snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and of course, snowmobiling.

Explore Grand Lake

Top Activities in Grand Lake

Horseback Riding
Ice Fishing

#goGrand in Grand Lake

Winter Park

Summertime brings fully-bloomed wildflowers dotting lush green meadows for hikers, bikers, fishers, and horseback riders. Mountain bikers flock to the downhill trails at Trestle Bike Park. There are outdoor music events and festivals nearly every week.

Hike through groves of golden Aspen tree, bike through foliage-filled meadows and experience it all from above in a hot air balloon in Winter Park. The charming downtown offers dining and shopping to round out your fall getaway.

Don't miss family-friendly powder skiing and backcountry challenges of at Winter Park Resort. Also soak in the snowy season with guided snowmobile tours up the Continental Divide, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, tubing and dog sledding.

Explore Winter Park

Top Activities In Winter Park

sleigh ride

#goGrand in Winter Park


Indulge your adventurous side in Fraser with an exhilarating dog sled ride or snowmobiling tour with trips into the national forest and up the Continental Divide. Or, cozy up with some hot cocoa on a sleigh ride through the winter wonderland.

An abundance of accessible open space means that leaf peepers will find plenty to explore in National Forests and parks. Fraser makes a great homebase to explore all of Grand County and surrounding attractions while nestled in the quaint Rocky Mountain countryside.

Fraser is an ideal launching pad Grand County's biking, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing and accessible pedestrian trails. Soak in the blissful summer nights at the High Country Stampede every Saturday in July and August.

Explore Fraser

Top Activities In Fraser

sleigh ride

#goGrand in Fraser


During the winter, Granby transforms into a snowy wonderland. Go skiing at Granby Ranch, tear it up on snowmobile, go ice fishing, dog sledding, or take in all the beauty around you on a picturesque snowshoeing trail.

Granby lights up with the splendor of autumn beauty. Enjoy the colorful season on trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding, or by boat on Lake Granby. Centrally located, Granby is the perfect place to getaway in the Fall.

Granby is brimming with exciting activities to enjoy all summer long like hiking, camping, world-class golfing, mountain biking, boating, rafting, horseback riding, hunting, Gold Medal Waters, and trophy lake fishing on any of the surrounding lakes.

Explore Granby

Top Activities In Granby

Zip Line
Horseback Riding
dog sled

#goGrand in Granby

Hot Sulphur Springs

In addition to the world-famous hot spring pools, visitors can hike and camp on untouched terrain, catch the big one while you fish the Gold Medal Waters, or enjoy a unique spa experience in the healing waters of the natural hot springs.

In addition to the world-famous hot spring pools, visitors can ike and camp on untouched terrain, catch the big one while you fish the Gold Medal Waters, or enjoy a unique spa experience in the healing waters of the natural hot springs.

For cold-weather adventure, head to the nearby Arapahoe National Forest for snowshoeing, snowmobiling and other snowy activities. And, of course, visit the restorative mineral waters of the hot springs.

Explore Hot Sulphur Springs

Top Activities In Hot Sulphur Springs

Hot Spring/Spa

#goGrand in Hot Sulphur Springs

Grand County has something for every adventurer, from hiking and mountain biking to fishing and boating. Our hotels, lodges, ski resorts, shops and restaurants are still committed to the same unparalleled Rocky Mountain hospitality and have made your health and well-being their top priority. DISCOVER SUMMER ACTIVITIES >>

Mountains & Vistas

Some of Colorado’s most awe-inspiring mountains and vistas can be found in Grand County. With peaks reaching over 14,000 feet in elevation, waterfalls with drastic drops and canyons with rugged rock fronts, there is no better place to take in these spectacular views than right here in our corner of the Rocky Mountains.

explore Mountains & Vistas

Lakes & Rivers

As the home of the headwaters of the Colorado River and to Colorado's largest natural lake, no other place can offer more water and more adventure than Grand County, Colorado.

explore Lakes & Rivers

Wilderness Areas & Trails

Explore our miles and miles of protected and designated wilderness areas and trails in Grand County. Whether you prefer a short, easy hike or a multiple day backpacking excursion, there is something for everyone in Grand County.

explore Wilderness Areas & Trails

State Parks & National Forests

See wildlife in its natural habitat, untouched alpine likes and towering mountain peaks in one of Grand County's state parks or national forests.

explore State Parks & National Forests

Scenic Byways & Drives

Drive over Berthoud Pass and make a "grand" entrance into the country, ride along the mighty Colorado River or climb over Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain Park. Whether you prefer a quick drive or longer, breathtaking journey, Grand County has the a awe-inspiring scenic drive for you.

explore Scenic Byways & Drives

History & Museums

Explore the History & Culture of Grand County, Colorado and discover the spirit of those who came before us. From Native Americans to the Pioneers to Homesteaders to Ski Industry Founders, the heritage of Grand County is rich and storied.

explore History & Museums
You’ll Need a new bucket list

Only 67 miles from Denver, Grand County is the ultimate getaway for a genuine Colorado experience.

Winter Park have everything you need to make your family vacation complete. Come play and stay in Colorado’s Favorite Playground!

explore winter park

If you're on the hunt for real Colorado adventure, look no further than Kremmling - a western wilderness filled with breathtaking scenery, roaring rapids, and inviting expanses of unspoiled terrain where the wild life vastly outnumbers the human population.

explore Kremmling

Nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountain Valley at an elevation of 7,935 ft, surrounded by Rocky Mountain National Park with breathtaking views of the Continental Divide, Granby, Colorado is in the heart of something grand.

explore Granby

Known as the "Western Gateway" to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake has something for everyone. The charming lakeside setting of Grand Lake makes folks feel at home.

explore Grand Lake

Located between the towns of Winter Park and Tabernash, Fraser may only be 75 miles from Denver, but when you are visiting you will feel as if you are ''Leaving Planet Earth''. No matter the time of year, Fraser is home to a variety of activities and events to make your stay unforgettable.

explore Fraser

Rich with history and truly unique natural attractions make Hot Sulphur Springs the perfect place relax and unwind. Hike and camp on untouched terrain, catch the big one while you fish the Gold Medal Waters, or take a soak in the healing waters of the natural hot springs.

explore Hot Sulphur Springs

rocky mountain national park

As the Western Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand County boasts towering peaks, unforgettable wildlife encounters, and the unspoiled beauty and serenity of the park. Just another reason why out here, the altitude isn’t what takes your breath away.

explore Rmnp

rocky mountain national park

Hiking. Biking. Zip Lining. Golfing. Shopping. Dining. There's no telling where your next adventure will take you in Grand County. After spending your summer playing here, you'll need a new bucket list.


Create unforgettable family memories waking up to mountain-crisp air, babbling brooks, verdant meadows, and towering mountains just outside your tent door.

explore Camping


Our recreation centers offer facilities such as climbing walls, swimming pools, ice rinks, multi-sport gymnasiums, dance studios, indoor tracks, state-of-the-art workout equipment, and much more.

explore fishing


Grand County is the perfect place to unwind with a round of golf. With four world-class courses, Grand County, Colorado is quickly becoming a mountain golf paradise.

explore golfing


From mountain biking to jeep tours in the summer and cross-country skiing to fat biking in the winter, you won't be at a loss for ways to explore Grand County's trails. With so many options, there's no way of telling where one adventure will end and the next will begin.

explore Hiking

Kayaking & Rafting

Nothing beats the heady rush of racing down a swiftly flowing river in a trusty rubber raft or kayak. And there's no better place to experience the powerful thrill of Colorado Whitewater than in Grand County–the birthplace of the mighty Colorado River.

explore Kayaking & Rafting

Mountain Biking

Our recreation centers offer facilities such as climbing walls, swimming pools, ice rinks, multi-sport gymnasiums, dance studios, indoor tracks, state-of-the-art workout equipment, and much more.

explore Biking

Grand Festivals

Find never-ending fun and family-friendly events from June into September that are centered on live-music, delicious food, and Western spirit. With so much to choose from, there's an event or two for everyone to love this season in Grand County.

See Our Calendar

Grand Festivals

To help get you ready for your trip to Grand County, we have outlined everything you may need. From maps and itineraries to where you should eat and stay during your vacation, we will make your planning process as easy as possible so you can focus on all the fun you will be having on your upcoming adventure.

Plan an Event

Grand County, Colorado is the perfect place for you to have your next event. With great venues, helpful vendors and breathtaking surroundings, Grand County is ideal to celebrate with friends and family or to get inspired with your co-workers.

Plan an Event


Enjoy sunny, mild summers with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. In the winter, Grand County on average gets over 100 inches of snow each year transforming into a winter wonderland.

Explore Weather


Discover all of Grand County towns and lands using our interactive and downloadable maps.

Explore Maps


From quaint getaways to exquisite retreats, Grand County offers a variety of vacation styles: Quick ski trip? Long camping trip? An even longer biking trip? Whatever the type of trip you’re looking for, Grand County is sure to surpass your expectations.

Explore Lodging


Not sure what you want to do? We've hand picked some of our favorite ways to enjoy the best the county has to offer. No matter the season, the length of trip, or your interests, we have some trip ideas for your group. Let us help you plan your grand adventure today.

Explore Itineraries

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Looking to learn more about Grand County, a specific town, activity or event. Send us a note, and we will provide the info you need.

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