Vamba Sherif


Vamba Sherif is a novelist, journalist and film critic. He was born in Liberia and spent parts of his youth in Kuwait. He’s written several novels wich have been published in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. He lives in the Netherlands… It’s a dream come true. My debut novel, Land of my fathers, first published in Dutch in 1999, is now available in English… The proud Republic of Liberia was founded in the nineteenth century with the triumphant return of freed slaves from America to Africa. Once back “home,” however, these Americo-Liberians had to integrate into the resident tribes-who did not necessarily want or welcome them. Against a background of French and British colonialists busily carving up Mother Africa, while local tribes were still unashamedly trading in slaves, the vulnerable newcomers felt trapped and out of place. Where men should have stood shoulder to shoulder, they turned on each other instead.