14:10 - 16:00

iAfrica Film Festival: Lamb

Visit the iAfrica Festival for some culture at the Africaday! Yangambi organises this year an ongoing cultural program where you can come the whole afternoon for African music, literature, and the Ethiopian film “Lamb”. “Lamb” is about the Ethiopian Ephraïm and his lamb. The film was selected for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and shows a gripping portrait of a country smothered by its traditions and held hostage by nature.
You can also talk with three Dutch African authors: Alphonse Muambi, Vamba Sherif en Babbah Tarrawally. There is also African music to be enjoyed, with artists like Augustina, Badi and Thaïs Diarra. Augustina, originating from Ghana, has created her own style of music, “AfroLife”: a fusion of afro, R&B, pop and soul. Thaïs Diarra shows us a mix between afro and soul – “AfroSoul” – with roots from Mali, Switzerland and Senegal. The iAfrica Festival will be supported with the swinging beats of DJ Sentimenz.

Quick Info

  • November 5, 2016
  • 14:10 - 16:00
  • Grote Zaal