Searching for a blessing on the day of her first born child’s naming ceremony, Sakina is instead given a curse: a travelling sheik prophecies that her son, Muzamil, will die at 20. She is sentenced to mourn her son while he lives — an endeavour her husband can not stand to bear. Growing up under the constant loom of death, Muzamil becomes increasingly curious what it means to live beyond his mother’s confines. In his search for freedom, Muzamil finds friends, enemies, love, and tempters, though what he truly seeks is a sense of the present and a chance at the future.

  • International title You will die at twenty
  • Filmmaker Amjad Abu Alala
  • country Soedan
  • Feature 105 MIN
  • Cast Mustafa Shehata, Islam Mubarak, Mahmoud Elsaraj, Bunna Khalid,Talaf Afifi
  • Year 2020
  • Spoken Arabisch
  • Subtitle Engels