Who We Are

iAfrica Film Festival is an initiative of Yangambi that works towards spreading high-quality African and diaspora cinema in the Netherlands. We aim with the film festival to ventilate the continuous development of the form of art and the importance African cinema plays in society and highlighting societal issues related to Africa and its diaspora. We wish to provide visitors a different perspective of how African film makers view societal issues in their country and related to the African continent.

The iAfrica Film Festival started with her first edition in 2016 in The Hague. The founders, Dady Kiyangi and Angélique Mbundu, are the driving force behind the film festival

Our Team

Dady Kiyangi

Dady Kiyangi

Managing Director

Dady Kiyangi is the managing director of the iAfrica Film Festival and the chairman of Yangambi. He is also the co-founder of the African Young Professional Network (AYP), a network organization for African young professionals in the Netherlands. In his daily life he is a social worker. Arts & Culture is his passion and this is why he founded the entertainment agency & impresario Yangambi.

Angélique Mbundu

Angélique Mbundu

Artistic Director

Angélique Mbundu she is a lawyer, entrepreneur and has her own consultancy firm. Angélique has a rich experience in public, private and non-profit sector. Angélique is board member of Yangambi and is the artistic director of the iAfrica Film Festival. Furthermore, she is one of the founders of the African Young Professional Network (AYP), a network for African young professionals and students in the Netherlands, and duo-president of the Dutch division of the network Africa 2.0

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